Jodie is a moluccan cockatoo (Cacatua moluccensis). She was hatched in 1992 and just joined our flock in October of 2007. She is a wonderful, loving bird and loves to talk, dance, and clown around.

Moluccan cockatoos are the largest of the white cockatoos and are native to the Moluccan islands in eastern Indonesia (north of Australia). Moluccans have a very loud voice and are very demanding companions. They are very intelligent birds and require a lot of interaction and entertainment to be happy, healthy birds (both mentally and physically) in captivity.

Like many cockatoos, Jodie loves to be touched. She is very cuddly and is a good mimic. She is a wonderful bird but requires hours of attention every day. Cockatoos are interactive birds, they love people and crave attention. Without firm (but gentle) guidance they can develop many destructive behaviors such as biting, feather picking, and screaming. Cockatoos have an ear-piercing shriek and are absolutely not apartment birds. They are not a good choice for a first bird, or anyone unfamiliar with parrot behavior and training.

Parrot Art

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Jodie's Photo Gallery

Jodie showing off her eagle pose.Jodie the cockatoo and Ara the macaw, side by side.Jodie in her big acrylic cage.Mugshot!Jodie the Moluccan Cockatoo.Jodie's salmon crest in the sunlight.Jodie saying 'hi'. Jodie in her desperate attempt to grab herself some poetry to read.

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