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Czech Republic-April 2014

Pruhonice Gardens and Castle.

We went to the Czech Republic to visit family, bringing my sister Anna with for her first experience of Europe.

It was a wonderful visit!  We spent a few days in Prague, visited Cesky Krumlov, took a tour of the Budejovice beer factory (the original Budweiser beer, not to be confused with the inferior American version), and went to a bunch of smaller sites to give Anna a good flavor of the country with the time we had there. We also had the chance to visit a computer museum one of Roman’s friends is opening which had an amazing and extensive collection of old equipment.

The Czech Republic is a wonderful place which is feeling more and more like a bit of home every time I visit!

st_nicholas dragon goat2
Church of St. Nicholas. Tea shop. Roman and I.


bear anna_bear wolf lynx
Cesky Krumlov castle has a bear moat. Full of bears instead of water. Bears were a common theme of this trip. Pretty amazing wolf taxidermy. More taxiderpy, a wildcat this time.
antapes astronomical_clock duck stork
Old calculator from a shop museum. The famous astronomical clock. Very holy duck. I think this is where the storks bringing babies story must originate.
bottles bottles_2 beer_jam bottles_4
Bottling line, Budvar factor. Bottling line, Budvar factor. Bottle jam! Quite an impressive setup!
bottles_3 duck_beer fez want_some_beer
They could process around 40,000 botles in an hour! Export beer label. Old beer export label. Hand pouring right from the tank.
mm_beer crate train mm_beer_2
I have to admit, the smell was pretty incredible. More views from the bottling plant. Trains to transport beer. This is probably the only picture you’ll ever see of me drinking beer.
one_beer_please goat krumlov nice_antler
One more, please! Cool random goat sculpture in an old building. Anna, myself, and Roman in Krumlov. Nice antlers!
skull pigeon_tear behold coat_of_arms
Skull detailing in St. Nicholas’ church. Pigeon tears. Behold! Coat of arms.
oven teapot wip chainsaw
Traditional wood-fired pottery kiln. Tea shop. Mold forms at a pottery studio. Old, old chainsaw!
et_key minsk_forever iq_151 iq_151_keyboard
Just an old, bizzare keyboard. What is the ET key supposed to do? Call home? Minsk Forever! Anna poses with a component of an old Russian computer. IQ-151, Czech 8-bit computer that Roman was starting on. IQ-151 keyboard
memory pmd_85 portable_computer sharp
Memory module, still made of off-the shelf components. PMD-85, another old Czech computer. Integrated screen and floppy drives! How convenient! How portable! Sharp MZ-821, Roman’s first computer.
tape z80_trainer    
The tape has an operating system punched on it, ready for loading. Do not try to take this suitcaise with you when flying. Z80 trainer.