My name is Foxfeather Zenkova (yes, that is my actual name), and I live in Minnesota. The cold extremes of the weather here, the deep, dense forests, shining water, and wild places make me proud to call this state my home.

I have an enduring love of all things feathered, furred, and scaled. I feel a particularly strong connection to birds of all kinds (especially vultures, corvids, and owls). As a wildlife rehabilitator and educator, animals are a huge part of my life; I hope to help share this connection through my artwork. My art business, Foxloft Studios, fully supports this volunteer work helping creatures in need. My respect and awe for the natural world is something I am passionate about devoting my life to. If you would like to learn more about the conservation part of Foxloft, please visit: Foxloft Conservancy

I am also the caretaker of ninety-eight acres of property where I am pursuing my dream of creating a sustainable grass-based farm and restoring the native prairie. Besides being an artist and wildlife rehabilitator, I'm a falconer, beekeeper, and scuba diver. I have a strong love for life and learning. There’s such an incredible world of things out there to see, do, and experience! I am constantly finding new sources of inspiration everywhere.

I attended the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, studying Biology, Studio Arts, and American Indian studies. I am fully self-employed as a freelance artist. I share my home and dreams with my wonderful husband, Roman, and our small menagerie of critters that are like children to me. Outside of my art, wildlife work, and the farm, I enjoy playing the banjo, practicing aikido, traveling, and voraciously devouring books as an avid reader.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me and check out my website! I hope you enjoy your stay!


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