To me, art is magic. Being able to take something raw, and to change it; mold it, breathe life into it - that's incredible. I strive as an artist to portray not only the product, but also the process, of this creation.

I have an innate need to create; if I am not making artwork, I am not truly alive. It is a driving force for me. I strongly believe that manifestations of creativity can have a special energy, a life of their own. Creating, interacting with, and living amidst these unique spirits greatly enriches my existence.

The natural world captivates me; especially those parts of it with fur, feathers, or scales. I am fascinated with the movement, behavior and communication of animals and their differing forms of camouflage. My goal as an artist is to communicate these wonders through my work; to offer the viewer a look at the world through my eyes. Incredible things like insects and rocks, dragons and faeries; they are all integral part of my reality. As such, they are also the main focus of my artwork. I feel a strong empathy for nature and the spirit world, and this intense connection is central to who I am.

I love to challenge myself with different types of media. I love to get my hands "dirty". I adore working with natural materials and processes. I belive that working and experimenting with a multitude of various methods helps me to fully explore the many different facets of my inspiration.

When I finish a piece, I am filled with an intense sense of accomplishment and joy. To be able to share my work, my visions, and my realities, with others is a very powerful motivation for me. To be a voice for the natural world I see, as well as the part that escapes normal human vision, is something I hope to continue to accomplish through my work, in whatever forms it chooses to take.