Tagua Sizing

Every tagua pendant is a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of artwork. Pendant sizes vary slightly from 1.5" x 1" on the small end to 1.5" x 2" on the larger end. The slices are very lightweight, weighing a fraction of an ounce, but strong.

Tagua Care

Tagua is a very hard, durable substance, but it is sensitive to water. My tagua pendants have been coated in a clear protective varnish, but are NOT water-safe. Do not take your pendant into the shower or a swimming pool. Water will not destroy the tagua, but it will corrode the design and can possibly cause the pendant itself to warp or crack, if submerged for long enough.

Tagua 'antiques' a bit over time, often turning a rich yellow-ivory color with age. This is normal! Some pendants stay snow white and some turn a rich, dark ivory — each tagua slice is unique.

Tagua can be polished by hand with natural waxes (beeswax works well for this) and buffed to a shine. You can even use the oils from your hands to polish them by gently rubbing the pendant between your palms. Generally, this only needs to be done once a year at most, and can make an older pendant look brand new!

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