Raven Mask

This raven mask was featured in a 2010 movie production by Frazer Bradshaw and Beth Lisick: Sinking State

It is now in a private collection.

This is another mask I made out of a plaster taxidermy mache (it's very lightweight and strong), then painted, added a canvas and muslin headdress to, and feathered by hand.

The mask is wearable and you can see out of the edges of the almond-shaped eye holes (your eyes inside the mask stay hidden to the viewer). It is big enough to cover the average person's head and shoulders, spilling down the back and chest a bit. It took me a considerable amount of time to add all the feathers, and they are attached so they are free to move slightly as the wearer moves, for a very realistic effect. The eyes are hand-painted glass.

I make custom masks, contact me with serious inquiries.

Raven Mask