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botswanakickstartermockup3 Dry Season Only : A Creative Sojourn: Africa

In April of 2015, 11 artists, photographers, and storytellers departed on a sojourn into the pristine wilderness of Southern Africa. Hailing from vastly different walks of life, these creatives shared a common desire; a profound hunger for discovery, exploration and the pursuit of inspiration.

Dry Season Only chronicles the (mis)adventures of this ragtag crew of spirited adventurers. In this book, artistic insight and technique merge with brilliant photographic vignettes, all wrapped in thoughtful meditations and rollicking humor.

Journey with artists as they take you through their creative process.

Experience the African bush through the lens of hilarious comics!

Marvel at the variety of travel mishaps and learn why we’ve come to call our trip Dry season only !

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8.5 x 11", 122 page glossy cover book

You can read more about the book and project at Kickstarter

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Book PLUS Original sketch by Foxfeather

One copy of the book with a one-of-a-kind original sketch of an African animal on the first page of the book. Limited quantities!

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