Ara is a blue and gold macaw, and as you can see her neck is a bit off. Her neck vertebrae are fused incorrectly, causing her head to be permanently stuck 'upside-down'. Despite this handicap, she is vibrant, loving bird. She can twist her head up into 'normal' position for stretches of time, and she is active and has done very well adapting to normal parrot activities.
ara2011-2Ara checking out a new sisal perch.macawattack2macawattackAra.Ara on her favorite tree.Ara.Ara.Birds always look so silly from the front.Ara on her cage.Ara running around on the floor.Ara and a brand new toy.Ara and a very interesting pen.Ara being fluffy and cute.Ara loves to be pet.Ara being sassy.Ooh, that's the spot!Queen of the cagetops.Ara and her upside-down head.

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