Kimahri is a Shiba Inu, a small breed of dog native to Japan. From the start, he had no trouble making the transition from his original home to my own. He didn't seem to miss his littermates or mother at all, and he set off to exploring (and chewing) everything he could get at.

Foo faceangryshiba2angryshiba4Derp dogcatdogCute Funny FaceOld Man KimahriKim LazeKimahri meets his little sister for the first time.Kimahri chewing on a bone.Kimahri and his sister do what shibas do best - chew!Kimahri's sister Rikku, nothin' but trouble!Kimahri gets tackled by his much tougher little sister.My grandmother holding baby Kimahri.A young Kimahri. He's so fluffy!Kimahri's first bath. He wasn't too happy about it.Puppy butt!Lounging on the bed.What a face!Shiba dances!Shiba dances!Wasn't me, I swear!To chew, or not to chew...Profile of a puppy.All grown up!From day one: All sass.Favorite puppy pillow: a stuffed sock.Another favorite pillow: feet.First day home: Show the cat who's boss.Totally typical Kimahri.Shifty shibas.Vince laughs at Kimahri.Why me?Kimahri's halloween humiliation.Just... take... it... off!

He loves it outside; rain, sleet or snow. Though when bath time rolls around, you would think he's convinced that Shibas melt in anything aqueous.

Kimahri apparently didn't read the same Shiba Inu books that I did. Shibas are supposed to be independent, aloof, and generally quiet. Kimahri, on the other hand, is friendly, loves to play mindless games of fetch for hours on end, and has a high-pitched whiny bark he loves to use for absolutely no reason at all. The only 'real Shiba' traits he shows is a cunning intelligence geared towards destruction. Anyways, he is an amusing companion, at the least, that is for sure.

For more stastical type things, Kimahri weighs about twenty pounds and is a bit over a foot at the shoulder, full grown. He is a color known as 'red seasame', though the black mask he sports is not a show-accepted Shiba look. He also has a long, silky coat, considered a 'fault' in the ring. Since I got him strictly as a companion animal, these weren't worries to me.

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