Pins, Stickers, Magnets and Other Merchandise

Our Limited Edition pins are professionally cast in metal and enamel, featuring two butterfly clasps on the back for proper placement. Stickers are professionally printed on thick, durable vinyl which is scratch and water resistant.

Limited Edition Brass Finish Emu Pin

2" tall x 1.5" wide collectible pin, does *NOT* come on a backing card, just the pin. Currently Sold Out (gold edition available below).
Gold Emu Pin

Gold version hard enamel emu pin 2" x 1.5" size

Tibetan Mastiff Pin

Tibetan Mastiff Hard Enamel Pin 1.75" x 1.5" size


Snow Leopard Pin 3" x 1.25" size

Pin Recycle Vulture

Recycle Vulture Enamel Pin 2.5" x 2" size

Our newest project, “Visionary Vultures 3” is now available for pre-order! Support our wildlife rehabilitation work and treat yourself to some amazing art in the process!

Order our available “Visionary Vultures” pins from previous fundraisers now!

Stickers & Magnets:

Add on Sticker Recycle Vulture

Recycle Vulture Sticker 3" x 2.5"

Add on Magnet Recycle Vulture

Recycle Vulture Magnet 3" x 2.5"


"Best Baby" Vulture Sticker 3"x 2.5" (heart-cut outline, no black background)

Dancing Emu Sticker

Dancing Emu Sticker 3" x 2.5"

Baby Emu Sticker

Baby Emu Sticker 2" x 1.5"

Tote Bags & Other:

Add on Tote Bag

Recycle Vulture Tote - Short Handles 15"x15"x3" with 21" handles

Add on Tote Bag

Recycle Vulture Tote - Long Handles 14"x17"x7" with 23" handles