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Endangered Ark Card Deck

Beautiful art card deck collaboratively designed by 20 talented artists. The deck features 52 endangered species, including both the well recognized and obscure ones. Make sure to visit the card gallery to see the card previews + sketches and work in progress.

I have contributed 10 cards to the project: dhole, markhor, spectacled bear, grand cayman iguana, bactrian camel, visayan warty pig, arowana, thick-billed parrot, iberian lynx, and giant panda.

Endangered Ark Card Deck, Limited Edition

Collectible, each deck is individually marked and numbered.

Endangered Ark Card Deck, Open Edition

Basic, not marked/numbered, otherwise the same as the limited edition.

Bestiary Card Decks

Limited edition set - this card deck has been sold out for years and I have just a few personal held-back decks to offer for sale! Each deck is individually hand-numbered.


Professionally printed card deck with custom packaging - check out the website for a full list of cards and participating artists.

I have a very limited number of cards left, now may be your last chance to grab a deck if you want one!

Limited Edition Card Deck $28

Totem Card Decks (SOLD OUT)

Limited edition set - SOLD OUT! 83 different beautiful art cards make up this set, each representing a different totem animal group. Also included are two extra cards listing the artists for each card as a guide.
These cards are no longer available, but please check out the Endangered Ark Card Deck (to the left on this page), which can be used as an oracle or totem card deck as well!

Professionally printed card deck with custom packaging and participating artists guide cards.

My three cards - Owls, Phoenix and Hyena.