I love designing tattoos - I have one myself and I really appreciate the idea of art being a part of your own 'living canvas'.

I work in a variety of styles, including nouveau, tribal, hawaiian, northwest coast inspired designs, and other stylized works.

I do take custom tattoo commissions - if you are interested please drop me an Email with some information about your project and I'll get you a price quote on the design. My design process includes working with you to visualize your design idea through sketches, including you the through the entire process to ensure that I create a design you will really love and be proud to wear!

Here are a few examples of my custom tattoo work:

Dragon OroborosDeath's Head Moth Trio TattooNorthwest Coast Style Bear TattooYin Yang Cat and Otter TattooHawaiian Pine Marten TattooGuardian Foo OttersWinged Otters TattooMustang, Jaguar, Raven TattooNorthwest Regent Gryphons TattooStalking TigerNouveau Ferret and Rat TattoosPhoenix TattooArmband TattoosTribal RaccoonWildcat CardGlyph TattooSnake TattooCougar SpiritRed Wolf/DogDragon TattooMayan BoaScorpion Card