Red Wolf/Dog

Guardian Spirits: Wolf/Dog

This piece is styled after a malamute, but highly inspired by the wolf-dog connection and the circular symbol represents both a wolf's moon and a northern dog's curled tail.

This design was done to cover an existing tattoo, all except for the top symbol, which shows through in the bear's mouth. It is inspired by the northwest coast style of design.

*** I want to make a note that this is NOT traditional northwest coast native artwork, but was made with permission. I am not claiming this to be native/traditional artwork, but inspired by the beautiful linework and symbolism of cultural pieces from that area. True NWP cannot be separated from the culture of which it is a part of - many creatures, symbols, and the stories that they tell have very specific allowable uses and cannot just be boiled down to an art 'style', so to speak.
I have studied NWP art for years and have a great appreciation for it - it has heavily influenced my own artwork and storytelling. I am thankful for the permission I have been given to make a few pieces of personal work in this style.
November 2006 20"x10" watercolor and india ink

Available as

8.5"x11" print (image slightly smaller on 8.5 x 11 paper) $20
10"x 20" Original Painting double-matted in red and black, with a black wood frame.
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