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Life Bear

Life Bear

A strong guardian spirit, the red bear done in the northwest coast style.

*** I want to make a note that this is NOT traditional northwest coast native artwork, but was made with permission. I am not claiming this to be native/traditional artwork, but inspired by the beautiful linework and symbolism of cultural pieces from that area. True NWP cannot be separated from the culture of which it is a part of - many creatures, symbols, and the stories that they tell have very specific allowable uses and cannot just be boiled down to an art 'style', so to speak.
I have studied NWP art for years and have a great appreciation for it - it has heavily influenced my own artwork and storytelling. I am thankful for the permission I have been given to make a few pieces of personal work in this style.
March 2012 5"x7" Watercolor and Ink.

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