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Horse Original Tagua Pendants

Blue Pegasus Pendant

Monarch Pegasus Pendant

Horse Tagua Jewelry

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Horse Originals and Prints

Horse Art Gallery (including not for sale items)

Carousel Horse MasksMustang, Jaguar, Raven TattooSumi Glass Pendants - Group 10Fareme's UnicornBlue PegasusMonarch PegasusPink PegasusHorse WarriorThe Horse, Wolf, and the OatsHorsefeathers FarmPainted Pony DrumAquarelle NoirPainted Silk HoopWings WithinClear VisionsSeason's Solstice"Healing Hooves" DrumNouveau RougeNouveau BleuNouveau VertHorsefeathersHorse WhispersWind RunnerPegasus