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Fox Cooks - Primal Style

Like with my artwork, I like to make things that can be shared and enjoyed with people. Food is one of those things I think just about everyone likes and... life is too short to eat bad cooking! I think anyone can learn to be a great chef with a little bit of experience and motivation! Each of these recipes are based off of ones that I had found or been given and altered through experimentation and my own tastes. I will continually be changing and editing these as I find better ways to do things, so check back now and then for new culinary discoveries!

My diet is 'primal' - meaning no grains, gluten, sugar, or processed foods - just healthy whole foods - primarily vegetables and lean meats. I have adapted many 'traditional' recipes to be primal, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


Retired (Non-Primal) Recipe Archive