Sumi Ink Artwork

Sumi-E, or black ink painting, is a style of asian brush painting emphasizing simplicity of linework, exploring the nature of grey and black washes on white paper. Deceptively simple looking, sumi artwork is much more complex than it appears - taking a complex image or shape and expressing it in serene, suggested lines. I love the meditative quality of working only with a brush and ink, capturing the stylized essences of wildlife in this beautiful, unique medium.

I Spy - Redtail HawkGhost of the Woods WolfSky WarriorDisc DogSumi YakSumi EmuBorder Collie PortraitDenali StrollSumi LlamaThylacine PatronusYakkity YakHammerkopSumi DonkeyhemppapertanukiHyena SpotsSumi-E tanukiSumi BeesHeron Stance3 little birdsPlains GhostWaiting WolfBarn OwlBlack ElkGreat GreySumi-E BobcatHummingbird and FlowersLittle black wolfMagpie MoonCoyote XykRaven BlackSumi-e BirdLittle Vixen Sharp-EarsDark Wings, Dark WordsSilver Drops Falling - OwlBadger Kind of MorningSumi AkitasSumi Tiger T-shirtAlmost!Raven's PearlRed PandaDirty YoteGotchaSumi MonocerusSumi ManulTengu MagicRoll Dog

Sumi ink paintings, prints, and custom artwork.