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Kitsune (Carved)

Kitsune Symbolism

The kitsune is a shapeshifting Japanese fox spirit. Extremely intelligent, long lived, and magical, the kitsune is often portrayed as a trickster. The number of tails a kitsune bears is said to be relative to its age and wisdom. Kitsune as a totem can teach us cunning, control, patience, observation, and the ability to manipulate our environments and selves to suit our needs.

See also Fox.

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About Tagua

Tagua, or 'vegetable ivory' is a renewable resource from the rainforest, the natural seed product of large, native trees. Almost indistinguishable from true ivory, tagua is a durable, nearly rock-hard material.

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About Pendants

Our pendants are individual works of art hand-finished by the artist herself. The shape, size and coloration of each tagua slice is unique, so they would vary from the example shown. Each pendant comes in its own gift box, making it a great gift for any Kitsune lover.

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I'm incredibly glad that I commissioned you for this pendant as it's far surpassed my expectations and the scan you sent me doesn't begin to do your skill justice.


-Adam Stevens, United Kingdom

Hey there. So I got the pendant today in the mail.  Looks great, much cooler when you can see all the little detail in person.


-Matt Pate, B.C. Canada